How to install Joomla Templates

You probably are reading this article because your are new to Joomla and would like to learn how to install a new template to your Joomla website. In this article we will show you how to add and how to use the new template as a default design.

Download the template and locate the installer

There are many templates available for Joomla CMS. You can find free and commercial templates with different types of websites. The very first step after you download the template is to locate the installable file, which usually is a ZIP archive. Some templates have documentation and source files included in the downloaded archive, so you may need to unzip this before installing, other way it will give you an installation error (Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.)

Install the Joomla Template

First you have to login to the administration panel of your joomla website which is located usually at
After successful login use the top navigation menu and go to Extensions -> Install, where you will find the file uploading label “Upload Package File”. Click “Browse” button and select the file you want to upload (the template in your case), which was located earlier after download. Hit “Upload File & Install”. If the template was installed successful you will be notified by the system, if not, you will see an error.

Activate your new template

We consider that the installation was successful and now you have to make the design active on your pages. Using the top navigation menu go to Extensions -> Template Manager. Here you will see few templates which come with the basic Joomla installation or which were installed earlier to the system. Click on the radio button near the template title you wish to use and hit the “Default” button at the top right side of your screen. The template is active now. To see the changes just hit a refresh your browser at your entry website.

Joomla Template Parameters

Some templates has extended features where users can easily configure the layout, width of sidebars and content area, activate and deactivate javascript effects, change background image or template colors etc… To see the template parameters, you have to click on the template title in the Extensions -> Template Manager section. In most of the cases each parameter will have a small title and description so users can make changes easily.

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